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Who Does Your Closet Say that You Are?

By Toby Parsons
“Competency in the closet often reflects competency in the workplace”
– Judith Rasband
Your closet is talking. The goal here is to figure out what the wardrobe that is housed in your closet is saying. There can be a distinct difference between who you say you are and who your clothing says that you are. We want to align who you are on the inside with who your clothes say you are on the outside.
If our closet is in a state of chaos, we first need to tame it so we can achieve our end goal. Think of this as spring cleaning with a twist!
Providing your closet is in fairly good order (all clothes hung up or folded onto shelves), you can move forward.
Now it is time to stand back and take a good, objective look at your wardrobe. What do you see?
Dullness: Do you see a sea of dullness?… (read more)

How to Stay Healthy Using Herbs & Spices

Nutrition plays a role as to how well we are able to present ourselves.  I am an advocate of natural methods and foods to nourish and heal our bodies.
Please welcome Lynnis Woods-Mullins of Praise Works as our guest blogger. Lynnis and I both belong to a business group, Koinonia Business Women. We met via a mastermind call over the telephone and I am delighted to have her as a guest blogger.
Enjoy her tips for health and visit her website for more information.
These are some of the herbs and spices I keep in my cabinet that are not only healthy but also add zing to your meals. They are inexpensive and some of them you can even grow in your backyard! Give these a try and add them to your recipes on a regular basis.
Fennel Seeds -is high in vitamin C, fibers, manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B3 etc. The… (read more)

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